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"Jack at Sterling Mortgage Broker Inc. was FANTASTIC. Extremely knowledgeable, fast to reply, friendly, and super informative. Our experience with Sterling was way better than I could have even hoped for. Would absolutely use Sterling again, and highly recommend to anyone looking to purchase or refinance. "

Jeffrey E.

"At first when I contacted Jack I thought and I was told by other lenders that it is going to be too good to be true. I was worried that there was a hidden fee or something because his closing costs were significantly lower than the other 5 lenders that I was comparing with. Sure enough there was no hidden fees. Jack was very straight forward and had an honest approach which I value. Jack explained how he was able to find me the lower rate is because he is a broker and has access to more than one bank to compare too. He not only gave me a rate much lower than all the other banks, but he gave it to me right off the bat without even needing to negotiate. Hands down I am completely satisfied. I just finished my closing for my refi yesterday and everything went very smooth. Jack even had the closing done at my home. I am planning to use this company again."

Dave R.

"Jack Mahoney was absolutely a pleasure to work with. Before contacting him, I shopped around for the best rate between lenders, and I had no idea what else to compare aside from just the rate itself. Every lender tried to convince me that their package deal was the best, and so I cross checked everything across lenders. Jack not only sent me his quote, but along with it talked me through what every line item on the quotes represented. Turned out other lenders were very misleading with their quotes and had many hidden fees that Jack was able to point out to me right away. When I went back to the other lenders with the information, they were very committed to shut down any questions that I had. What I really appreciated about Jack was that everything was absolutely clear from the beginning, and whenever I had any questions, he was quick to respond with informing me with the correct information. I grew trust while working with him and decided to go with his rate, as it was also the lowest rate any other lender was able to give to me. At the closing table, everyone present could not believe what a great rate and package he put together for me, and kept complimenting me on how great of a deal I snagged. I will never go to any other lender after this experience, and am sticking with Sterling Mortgage going forward. Thanks again Jack, for all of your help and diligent hard work. I have a great new place and it didn't break the bank for me either. Thanks!!"

Ruby M.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Jack Mahoney from Sterling Mortgage Broker this year and am blown away with his attention to detail and passion for customer service. I am a small investor and having a professional such as Jack on your side to address your mortgage needs is priceless! He was able to not only refinance 3-4 of my properties but also close on two multi units within a span of 30 days! You can absolutely trust him with his numbers and be rest assured that he will be able to close on time. I have the HIGHEST recommendation for Jack and his company"


"I really did enjoy working with you on our mortgage lat Oct - Nov. and will definately will pass on your name and phone# when the opportunity arises."

Joe D.

"You always did well by me"

Larry H.

"I was very happy with the service and rate I received from you."

John K.

"Thanks for always doing an efficient and professional job for us. I would recommend you to any of my colleagues."

J. G.

"Thank you for so much for all your help during the refinancing process. You are a real pro and that matters a lot for customers like myself. I will definitley recommend your service to my friends and family.
Thank you again,"

Mark J.

"Thank you so much for your time and consideration with our home loan. We are very pleased with the low rate and excellent customer service and will definitely recommend you."

John D.

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